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1Our plan
Our most important mission is to make those who do not have enough cash to afford to buy codes for various programs, which often cost too much for the capabilities of an ordinary person's wallet. We work very hard so that every person in the world can get the code for the program, which for this moment is necessary for work or enjoyment.
2About Us
Our idea was born a few years ago, when we were looking for codes for our favorite program, which unfortunately no longer works. We searched the whole Internet for a few hours, but our efforts proved ineffective. We came up with an idea to create a website that would offer something like that. However, the idea alone was not enough to turn it into a success. We have decided to develop a detailed action plan and to write down all the tasks so that our work is coherent and legible. The beginnings were very difficult. We had to face the challenge of teaching various things, including little hacking tricks, as well as coding. Then the time came to find a person who would acquire codes for various programs and games, we were looking for him for a very long time... it turned out that the cousin of our colleague is interested in such matters and when he heard from us the proposal of cooperation, he liked it very much and agreed to take part in our project. Having a full team, we started to create a website and slowly supplement it with codes. That's how we've been working up to now, and our work is not in vain, because we already have a lot of customers who are delighted with our services and recommend it to other friends.
3Why We Do It
You might wonder why we give all the codes for free. We are already in a hurry to respond. In the past, our organisation was made up of people like you. We converted the Internet in search of codes to a program that we liked very much, but for nothing in the world we could not find it. We have searched the Internet for a really long time, but our efforts have been totally unsuccessful. We know exactly how you feel when you can't find the program you need to work or enjoy. We were in your place and we know the sadness of the guests. We decided to completely change our thinking and created something ourselves, which we used to look for. We hope that we will be able to help you to some extent and that you will not leave us empty-handed, because that would be a disaster for us. If you find what you were looking for we will be very proud that we could help you.
4Can You Help Us
Yes, of course! If you meet any codes, we are very open to the offer of cooperation. Simply contact us and give us the source from which you took your codes, and we'll take care of all the rest. It will be necessary for us to check whether everything works as it should and when it does, we will reward you in an appropriate way. If you would like to work together for a long time, there is no problem! The only thing you will have to do is send us more information about you, and when we consider your proposal, we will give you an answer in no time at all. If the application is successful, we will familiarize you with our whole team and you will feel like at second home.
5How Often Do We Add New Codes
The stairs start here. Very often all the codes are used and we have to look for another source to get them. This may take several weeks, but it is one of the worst possible scenarios. Usually new codes appear every week, so that new users can easily enter them into their applications and go through the security features created by the creators. We sometimes work day and night so that you can use the programs whenever you want. This work is not easy, but it is a sacrifice for the general good, and we are very pleased about that. Not everyone can sacrifice a piece, a life, to make the majority of people live better. We do that and we are not going to give up. Therefore, if you do not find a code that works, please let us know immediately and we will do it as soon as possible.
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